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Gosim Global International Travel SIM Cards, Cell Phone Packages, Travel Data

About Us

Gosim provides convenient, cost-effective telecommunications services to business and recreational travellers. With the click of a mouse, visit Gosim’s website and obtain pre-paid wireless products for use in over 200 countries around the world.

Gosim has partnered with local carriers from Ireland to New Zealand and South Africa to provide North Americans with the low domestic rates available and, in many cases, highly economical international long-distance rates.

Gosim © is a trademark for telecommunication services, provided by Top Connect OÜ.

Top Connect  OÜ is the biggest alternative GSM roaming provider in the world with more than 20 years of history in fixed-line and mobile services. Our network of international partnerships guarantees that our clients always receive a high-quality local and international communication service.  Top Connect has more than five million customers around the world.

Our headquarters are based in Europe, with the following official business address:

Top Connect OÜ

Väike- Paala 1

Tallinn 11415 , Estonia

E-mail: info@topconnect. ee

Phone: +611800870590 or +442033184278

Registration number 10668897